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A digital publication proposal for education

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A solution based on an open Web platform

The entire project was based on Web technology. ePub uses basic standards, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and the platform generates data in a JSON format that can be reused in other applications.

A imagem representa que o HTML5 somado ao CSS3 somado ao JavaScript resulta no ePub3
A imagem representa que o ePub3 somado a xAPI somado ao Daisy resulta no eduPUB
Representação de pessoa utilizando um notebook sobre uma pilha de livros e outro notebook.


It is a digital book!

The project is an interactive experience between an ePub book and a platform that receives and manages the data resulting from book interactions. These data are generated in an open file format and can be reused in other applications.

The ePub format works on your computer, tablet, cell phone or e-reader and can be an electronic version of a printed book or an original text published online only (Source: O que é um livro digital?  por José Fernando Tavares). by

The aim of this project is to explore the potential of the ePub format. Connection with a platform was the first step. We hope to develop new functionalities together with people who are going to be a part of this experiment.


Exercises and interactive learning objects

Representação de uma checklist


Multiple-choice, essay questions and many other interactive exercises that can be corrected in real time.

Representação de uma Lupa


It is very simple to find a content inside the ePub. The format offers support to educational taxonomies and metadata.

Representação de dashboard num tablet.


eduPUB allows synchronized data to become reports of individual performance and other useful tools for teachers and students.


Connection with a data center

With the xAPI protocol, eduPUB can transmit and receive data both synchronously and asynchronously through a Learning Record Store (LRS).

LRS – The Learning Record Store is the heart of any xAPI ecosystem. It receives, stores and returns xAPI instructions. All other tools that send or retrieve learning activity data will interact with LRS as a primary storage center.

xAPI – Experience API is an e-learning software specification that enables collection of data on a broad range of experiences that an individual can have (online and offline).

Representação de pessoa conectado computador a servidores.
Infographic about technologies supported


An open platform

The ePub connected file that we created is read by e-readers on tablets, computers or smartphones. The answers that are filled and sent go into a repository that stores data in a compatible format that can be used in many applications such as to create a data visualization to assist teachers, or to integrate an LMS such as Moodle.


Designed, from the start, for everyone

The connected digital book follows accessibility good practices defined by international consortia so that disabled people can use the books without access barriers.

Representação de pessoas com deficiência física e visual utilizando aparelhos eletrônicos.
Representação de Smartphone ao lado de uma caneta.


Lightweight and compatible
with popular smartphones

All of the platform functionalities are supported on readers available at no charge on the market, such as Thorium and Lithium. On software that do not support more modern technological resources, the book is displayed as an ordinary book for reading.


Easy for teachers, easy for students

Teachers can use their favorite textbooks, outline teaching objectives and follow students’ development throughout shared data.

Students can correct their exercises in real time, interact with learning objects inside the books and experience an extremely rich and autonomous educational process.

Representação de um aluno sentado numa pilha de livros assistindo outra pessoa por um monitor.
Representção de pessoa sentada num notebook programandoilizando um notebook


Connect to the GitHub project

To use this prototype, download the content available on GitHub and install it in your server according to the specification. After the installation, add the credentials on the ePub file, so it can communicate with the xAPI.

To make your own connected ePub, follow the instructions available on the project documentation.

This is a collaborative experimental project. Participate in this project to make it more robust. Considerations about privacy and the Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD) are available in this link (in portuguese).